mobileStorm, an 11-year veteran of mobile, email, and social communication, announces the release of mobileStorm 5.0, a powerfully designed, cloud-based communication solution for marketers and healthcare organizations. Los Angeles, CA, Oct. 11th, 2011 – mobileStorm, Inc. (, a “communication powerhouse” according to the Ford Motor Company, announced today that it has officially released mobileStorm 5.0 (aka mS5),… Read More

We’ve  been notified that AOL has recently made some updates to their system and is doing a little Spring Cleaning!    In a nutshell AOL is going to be cancelling some inactive mailboxes.  These are mailboxes that have been abandoned by users but still receive mail.  As we all know mailing bulk mail to inactive addresses is… Read More

mobileStorm is excited to announce the addition of mobile applications as an add-on for PRO customers seeking quick entrance into the exploding mobile apps space. With the addition of mobile apps, PRO customers can quickly and seamlessly introduce a branded iPhone/iPod Touch app featuring any content distributed through their existing RSS feeds.  In addition, mobileStorm streamlines the… Read More

As part of the continued evolution of our product offerings, we’re always looking for ways to enhance usability.  As such, we’ve made a small change to the “delete” function pertaining to rows of data. On all pages where a list of records is displayed, we’ve removed the Delete button from the individual rows.  Users can still delete… Read More

We at mobileStorm are always busy bringing you the latest and greatest in terms of features and functionality, and today we’re happy to announce that we’ve added a new feature: SMS bounce reports. The new feature breaks down SMS campaign bounces by type and carrier, giving you a better understanding of how and why your SMS messages… Read More

We’re always working with our clients to bake more goodies into mobileStorm Go and Pro to fully optimize the user experience. Every feature request means an opportunity to make our product more powerful and boost campaign performance. We’ve just added some new features to mobileStorm that our users have been asking for and here they are: You… Read More


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