mobileStorm Product Update - New Feature - SMS Bounce ReportsWe at mobileStorm are always busy bringing you the latest and greatest in terms of features and functionality, and today we’re happy to announce that we’ve added a new feature: SMS bounce reports.

The new feature breaks down SMS campaign bounces by type and carrier, giving you a better understanding of how and why your SMS messages aren’t being delivered.  More information is provided about the exact subscribers who bounced by clicking on “View Details.”

Various bounce types are returned based on specific reasoning, including:

  • Hard — The cell phone number no longer exists on that carrier
  • Soft — A soft bounce is when the carrier’s message queue is full at the time of delivery.  The cell phone number is still valid, it just couldn’t be delivered at this time.
  • On Blocklist — The cell phone number is on a carrier blocklist and cannot be delivered.
  • Spam — Your SMS campaign was considered spam, and as a result, was rejected by the carrier.
  • Unknown — The carrier replied back with an “unknown” reason for the delivery of this message.

The new feature is available now for all current mobileStorm clients.  If you’re not a client, we encourage you to take a look at what mobileStorm can do for your business by going one-on-one with one of our marketing specialists.