MobileStorm’s SMS Pricing

We offer a variety of prices and packages to meet your individual needs.

How Are Texts Counted?

Each text you send is one text message. If you have 250 contacts on your list, and you have paid for 25,000 text messages, you can send 100 SMS campaigns. 250 contacts X 100 campaigns = 25,000 texts total.

How Does Billing Work?

We will automatically charge your credit card at the start of each month. Along with your monthly price, you will be charged for any overages at the start of each month.

Free Onboarding

We provide one-on-one onboarding, at no additional cost to you. We will give you live platform training along with creating lists and campaigns to get you started.

API Integration

Creating an API Integration will help build your database. Adding web forms to your website that integrate to our platform is very doable, and we will help you do so.

What Are Text Keywords?

Keywords are words that help you sort and organize your different lists. Keywords are used to opt-in to databases by texting keyword to your long or short code. When someone texts the keyword to your code, they will be added to your list once text-in is confirmed.

Real People, Real Customer Service

We are real people who offer real customer service. Our client services team works for you, and does so in any way you see fit. We help our clients to strategize, execute, and analyze their campaigns along with following all compliance rules and regulations.

Interested in Email Marketing?

Our Multi-Channel Platform allows you to do both. Let’s talk more!