SMS Marketing Services

Reach your customers fast and effectively through text message marketing.

What is a Long Code?

A long code is a ten digit sending code, or sending phone number. This code will be used to send texts to your audience. Long codes with appropriate area codes can be assigned so your texts feel more authentic when sending to your audience.

What is a Toll Free Long Code?

Toll Free Long Codes are also ten digit sending codes, but instead of having unique area codes, they start how any toll free number would. For example, 833 or 888.

Is Opting-In Required?

Working with you, you are our top priority, and always will be. When it comes to SMS marketing, there are some rules and regulations from both the CTIA and TCPA you need to follow. Having users opt-in to receive your text messages is one of those. Don’t worry, our client services team will make sure you are completely compliant.

How Do I Build My Database?

In order to send text messages, you need to collect and store phone numbers. There are several ways to get users to opt-in, including: Customizable Forms, QR Codes, A Simple Text-In, and API Integration. As your database grows, records will be added and stored in our platform for future and forever use. You have unlimited storage for unlimited contacts.

SMS Personalization

Our platform allows you to personalize the texts you send through our dynamic tokens and our auto-responders.

Dynamic Tokens allows you to insert variable, custom data points into any SMS campaign. Auto-responders are prefabricated messages that are triggered out from your account based on some subscriber action or timer.

Text Alert System

Need to send a text notification to guests that their wait time is over? Look no further. Through our Text Alert System on our platform, you can notify guests for a variety of reasons. For example: Restaurant Tables, Poker Tables, To-Go Orders, Golf Course Tee Times, and much more! All you need is an internet connection and browser and you can use this software anywhere!

Client Services

Every SMS plan comes with client service hours. These client service hours are for you to work one-on-one with a member of our client services team. These hours can be used however you see fit. We help our clients to strategize, execute, and analyze their campaigns along with following all compliance rules and regulations. You are our top priority and we will do all that’s possible to make sure your goals are met. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our amazing client services team- we are always happy to help!

Interested in Short Code?

We want to make your SMS marketing experience fit your needs.