We work with some of the following industries:


We work with a variety of casinos and help with both email and SMS marketing. We send newsletters, monthly winnings, run text-to-win campaigns, etc. We have years of experience, and are ready to have you join us!


Our RSVP services and Text Alert System along with our other email and SMS services make it easy for entertainers to schedule, plan, and pack their event. Let’s work together!


We have the tools to help your concierge service through our Text Alert System, email and SMS marketing services, and more. Make sure your guests get a mobile experience they will never forget.

Food & Beverage

We help clients market and advertise their products through email and SMS services. We also offer our Text Alert System so customers are informed via text that their order is ready for pick-up.

Non- Profits

We help non-profits enter the streaming world while helping them fundraise and raise public awareness of their organization.


We understand the impact email and SMS marketing has in meeting fundraising and election goals by keeping supporters informed and your emails out of spam.