mobileStorm Product Update: Mobile AppsmobileStorm is excited to announce the addition of mobile applications as an add-on for PRO customers seeking quick entrance into the exploding mobile apps space.

With the addition of mobile apps, PRO customers can quickly and seamlessly introduce a branded iPhone/iPod Touch app featuring any content distributed through their existing RSS feeds.  In addition, mobileStorm streamlines the process, meaning your mobile app can be built, tested and submitted to Apple’s App Store in a matter of days, not weeks or months.  Our dedicated staff holds your hand throughout the entire process, ensuring a quick and painless process of getting your branded mobile app out the door so you can reap the benefits.

Some core features of our new mobile app offering include;

  • Full compatibility with iPhone and iPod Touch, including full inclusion to Apple\’s App Store .
  • The ability to easily add news content, calendar events, various Web content, and blog posts.
  • The ability to automatically add content from existing feeds including RSS, Blogger, Twitter, YouTube, Flikr, and more directly into your mobile app.
  • The ability to edit artwork and change your app at anytime.
  • The option to search for additional content that may not be specific to your own brand and co-publish it in your app.
  • The ability to easily customize the look and feel of your app.

Mobile apps are available now to all PRO customers.  Learn more here, or schedule a demo to see what our creative expertise can do for you!