mobileStorm, an 11-year veteran of mobile, email, and social communication, announces the release of mobileStorm 5.0, a powerfully designed, cloud-based communication solution for marketers and healthcare organizations.

Los Angeles, CA, Oct. 11th, 2011 – mobileStorm, Inc. (, a “communication powerhouse” according to the Ford Motor Company, announced today that it has officially released mobileStorm 5.0 (aka mS5), a new, cloud-based communication platform for healthcare payers and providers as well as marketers from a variety of industries.  “mS5 has been several years in the making,” says mobileStorm CEO & Founder Jared Reitzin. He continues, “We have studied where digital communication has been headed for the past decade. Now with the computing power of the cloud, enormous amounts of behavioral data can be crunched in real time, resulting in powerful recommendations that can enable any-sized business to reach the right person, via the right channel, at the right time. mobileStorm is working hard to make intelligent communication a reality, and mS5 is the first step towards that goal. Our mission is to create the most intelligent communication platform on the planet.”

mobileStorm’s offering represents the culmination of the company’s extensive experience servicing the messaging needs of major brands such as Humana, New Balance, and Kaiser Permanente.

Amazing User Experience

mobileStorm 5.0 focuses intensely on user experience. The system was designed with the Apple way of thinking that “less is more.” Designed to be a clear, simple, and easy-to-use tool for messaging, the cloud-based SaaS platform breaks the communication process down into three simple steps: plan, compose, and schedule. Front-end user experience technology such as HTML5 enables the “drag and drop” of many objects, screen slide transitions, and dynamic displays of data. An amazing user experience is incredibly valuable for the healthcare industry where typical enterprise software systems are bulky, ugly, and difficult to use. Mr. Reitzin continues, “We want our healthcare partners spending more time on keeping their consumers healthy and less time trying to figure out how to create and send messages.”

Integrated Communication

“The first phase to achieving our mission of communication intelligence is to ensure our clients can communicate with their customers over multiple channels; and we needed to make sure that the channels were not in their own silos,” says Mr. Reitzin. “With mS5, adding another channel to a single campaign is as simple as clicking a new tab. Imagine being able to run an SMS poll alongside an email offer, and both messages are working together to influence your customers to act. We spent two months alone validating how to provide a multi-channel campaign experience in three steps.”

Advanced Reporting

In the same way that multiple channels of communication have been integrated into a campaign creation experience, mobileStorm took an integrated approach to reporting. A client sending out an email and SMS campaign at the same time can view an integrated dashboard for detailed reports such as open and click-thru rates, message failures and reasons, complaints, and unsubscribe data.  mobileStorm’s goal, Mr. Reitzin said, “is to save our clients time and give them what they want–one screen with all of their important information in one place.”

Additional Features:

mobileStorm 5.0 also supports campaign goal-setting, advanced audience segmentation, message personalization, social media integration with Facebook and Twitter, advanced list management, as well as tightened security and one-click customer service. For its enterprise healthcare customers, mobileStorm received its HIPAA compliance in June of this year.

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About mobileStorm

Based in Los Angeles, California, with more than a decade of mobile and email messaging experience, mobileStorm has delivered billions of messages on behalf of thousands of premier customers such as Humana, NASCAR, American Idol, and Kaiser Permanente. As a Communication Service Provider (CSP), mobileStorm’s mission is to help companies communicate with as much relevancy as possible, allowing everyone to win, from the ISP or carrier who delivers a message to the consumer who desperately wants to engage with content that matters. mobileStorm backs up their web-based technology with expert advice and legendary customer service that drives ROI for its customers.