We\’re always working with our clients to bake more goodies into mobileStorm Go and Pro to fully optimize the user experience. Every feature request means an opportunity to make 120709_product_updateour product more powerful and boost campaign performance.

We\’ve just added some new features to mobileStorm that our users have been asking for and here they are:

  • You can now view Delivery Confirmation Receipts for all carriers in your SMS delivery report

  • Any failed MT (Mobile Terminated) SMS Messages will now show in your SMS delivery report

  • See the exact date and time that SMS messages have been sent when you export your SMS Inbox

  • You can now expand parent email events in \”email campaigns\” to see the individual \”recurring\” scheduled events

We\’ve also broadened our carrier reach adding Cellular South and nTelos to the list of carriers our clients can text through. This increases potential audience reach by over 5 million people.

We continue to upgrade our product on an ongoing basis to ensure that all our client\’s needs are met.

If you\’re a client you can benefit from all the most recent updates now. If not, we encourage to go one-on-one with our marketing professionals and take us for test drive at http://mobilestorm.com/pro/schedule-demo/.

Until our next update . . . it\’s back to the kitchen to keep perfecting our recipe.

All the best,

The mobileStorm Team