According to the preliminary findings of a new industry report, most digital ads just aren’t cutting it. And, as a result, they are being overlooked by the vast majority of connected Americans. The latest survey from Goo Technologies shows that more than 80% of Americans flat-out ignore the digital ads to which they are exposed. Goo Technologies’… Read More

Mobile coupons can be a powerful tool in your digital marketing arsenal, but with a certain sense of ambiguity surrounding the concept for most people, it’s easy to overlook the most basic set of unofficial rules or “best practices” that should accompany any successful and legitimate mobile coupon campaign. Falling under the realm of mobile marketing, the… Read More

Being in mobile for a decade, I have heard it all, especially from those who think mobile marketing is stupid. There is a common theme among companies that believe mobile marketing is intrusive. I speak with prospects all the time that have either tried mobile and said it was not successful or won’t try it because they… Read More

Read the full article here: “Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan had a problem. With an abysmal delivery rate of 81.29 percent, his email campaigns weren’t getting through to many of the people who wanted them. “The company was constantly getting complaints from its subscribers,” explains a mobileStorm case study. “Consumers claimed they hadn’t received Cesar Millan’s once-monthly… Read More

Last week, I explained  that videos and email marketing messages go together like chocolate and peanut butter. Click-through rates for marketing emails increase two or three times with the inclusion of video! This is in part because increasingly larger numbers of consumers (we’re talking trillions!) want to spend time watching online video, and also because it’s becoming… Read More

mobileStorm’s six messaging types for marketers are all conducive to our stance that multi-channel campaigns are best. We’ve also long suggested that marketers be multi-channel within a single message–for example, by including video in an email marketing message, which engages the recipient and also makes the message viral. We’re so forward-thinking that it’s only been recently that… Read More

Speak of the devil. Last week when I wrote about Cloudmark’s SMS spam hype, I thought I made a good case, noting that the majority of marketers follow industry-accepted best practices, and that the price of sending texts will greatly limit SMS spam-senders. But it’s easy to use fear to cause good intentions to veer to the… Read More

Recently I started receiving email marketing messages from a high-end department store. I honestly don’t remember signing up to get them, so I was  willing to give the company the benefit of the doubt on that. But my goodwill was very short-lived. I soon found myself getting messages every single day. Now, I would definitely remember if,… Read More


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