The latest report from The Relevancy Group — “The Value of Multichannel Real-Time Segmentation” — suggests that marketers using real-time multichannel data generate nearly three times more revenue in campaigns than their no-real time data brethren. Another boon? Adding automation. The stats show that marketers who automate customer lifecycle messaging through tactics such as rules-based triggers drive… Read More

Sixty seconds doesn’t sound like a lot, does it? In fact, it can be an absolute eternity if you’re talking about email marketing, especially when you consider that the average person will take a look at your subject line for approximately 3 seconds before they decide whether to open it or delete it. And if you thought… Read More

In advertising circles it’s often said that the art of email marketing and the science of email marketing are separate but, in truth, one influences the other and vice versa. The art of email marketing refers to such things as its layout and design. The tactics employed to make sure that emails are delivered, clicked on and… Read More

Marketing experts agree that email marketing still remains one of the most powerful as well as cost-effective channels for engaging prospective customers. They also agree that, unfortunately, deliverability remains a problem and cite the fact that even permission-based, relevant emails are still often being filtered out. In fact, when it comes to permission-based emails, 14% of them… Read More

It’s been dying for close to a decade now. But yet it still lives. Like cockroaches, Twinkies, and Cher, email marketing just can’t be stopped and will probably persist forever. And with good reason. Incredibly, email marketing still has an ROI that consistently ranks very, very high when compared to other marketing tactics. Already in 2014 it’s… Read More

It doesn’t really seem possible that email has changed so much in the last five years but, indeed, it has. From things like purchase data to email engagement, cart-abandon, product search and browse-abandon, as well as a few others, email marketing has weathered storms, combated ecommerce’s biggest threats, and endured more changes in the last five years… Read More

One of the biggest beneficiaries of Big Data is one that very few saw coming – email. Today, the information recorded about shopping habits and online consumer preferences is being used to shape branded email messages that have a much more potent impact on potential customers than they have ever had before. And guess what?  Consumers actually… Read More

If there were any doubts before, the time to dispatch them is now. Consumers the world over are using their mobile devices to check and respond to email in numbers previously unimaginable. Today, nearly two-thirds (65%) of marketing emails are opened on mobile devices. Citing the latest industry data showcasing the muscle of mobile in email marketing,… Read More


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