According to a new report from Frost & Sullivan, feature-rich platforms and the best practice of opt-in emails can make the email marketing of SMBs even more successful. “Email continues to be one of the most widely used marketing channels among small midsized businesses (SMBs),” the report summary reads. “It allows SMBs to cost-effectively and immediately deliver… Read More

Diss email? Think again. According to a new study conducted by Forrester, maturity in cross-channel marketing is low and, despite the adoption of multiple channels in marketing programs, integration, and coordination do not occur consistently. The global research study, dubbed “The Road to Cross-Channel Maturity,” also found that marketers seasoned in email, more than any other digital… Read More

Sixty seconds doesn’t sound like a lot, does it? In fact, it can be an absolute eternity if you’re talking about email marketing, especially when you consider that the average person will take a look at your subject line for approximately 3 seconds before they decide whether to open it or delete it. And if you thought… Read More

Marketing experts agree that email marketing still remains one of the most powerful as well as cost-effective channels for engaging prospective customers. They also agree that, unfortunately, deliverability remains a problem and cite the fact that even permission-based, relevant emails are still often being filtered out. In fact, when it comes to permission-based emails, 14% of them… Read More

As the so-called “Me Generation” comes of age, marketers have begun to see a much higher demand for personalized marketing messages.  The latest industry data, for example, suggests that a majority of consumers would prefer a personalized email over a stock one (no shocker there). Similarly, recent polling reveals that this growing consumer demand applies to all… Read More

With the advent of mobile marketing, the casino industry has been dealt a winning hand. But for the casinos that fail to capitalize, they’ll be left to helplessly watch as their players are successfully courted by casinos that have already embraced mobile marketing. Today, investing in mobile marketing is hardly a gamble for casinos. When it comes… Read More

Although email marketing is one of the oldest digital resources in a marketer’s arsenal, it is still outperforming every other kind of digital marketing, including social media, native advertisements, and even banner ads. Though most of the hype these days is directed toward social media marketing, email remains the best way to build a personal and consistent… Read More

While social media and text message marketing are undeniably effective for reaching mass audiences and niche groups alike, email marketing is still king of the marketing world when it comes to return on investment and the highest number of conversions. And because email can now be read on almost every major mobile device, it is easier than… Read More


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