In the mobile age, consumers are constantly bouncing between multiple screens multiple times daily. For marketers, this creates a virtually endless array of challenges and opportunities. When it comes to delivering targeted ads in video campaigns (one of the hottest trends in all of marketing today), you first have to identify where your core audience is at… Read More

As video becomes an increasingly important part of contemporary digital marketing, the desire for sage wisdom on how digital video marketing should be done has grown just as quickly. For that reason, the Interactive Advertising Bureau is launching what it calls the IAB Digital Video Center of Excellence. This new unit of IAB is devoted to promoting… Read More

Deploying video in a mobile or digital marketing campaign is nothing new, yet the frequency and proficiency of video marketing efforts pale in comparison to the enthusiastic boom in mobile video consumption observed across the global landscape in recent years. Yesterday, Ooyala’s Q2 2014 Global Video Index Report revealed that mobile consumption exceeded 25% of all online… Read More

A number of years ago, before smartphones and tablets were even invented, a marketing guru out of Philadelphia named Bob Gollwitzer said something that today’s modern digital marketer definitely needs to hear; “We [those in marketing] need to look at our PC screens as if they were televisions, and people do not read television, they watch it.”… Read More

Paul Greenberg, the so-called ”Godfather of CRM”  believes that the battle in advertising today is not between competitors but against consumer attention spans that are rapidly diminishing. Traditional “shotgun style” marketing just doesn’t work anymore and has pushed marketers to go to where consumers actually are getting together, listening or congregating in some way and then offering… Read More

The Mobile Marketing Association recently shared the results of its first-ever Mobile Video Benchmark Study. The study, commissioned by the MMA, and its Mobile Video Committee, sought to provide mobile video performance insights to advertisers, agencies, publishers and third party video servers. And it did exactly that based on the insights gleaned in the new report summary…. Read More

According to what’s billed as a wide-ranging, data rich marketplace analytics report by AccuStream Research, in-stream and virtual video ad billings are forecast to log 24% growth in 2014, led by extensive monetization against broadcast and cable programmer inventory. Supporting this growth will be a stable of multi-screen media executions, brand-direct spend, mobile, social, internet music radio… Read More

Derived from statistics published in comScore’s latest Video Metrix report, Shutterstock recently produced a new video infographic titled “Show Me Something.” Exploring the power and potential of online video engagement in everything from mobile to email marketing campaigns, comScore’s data reveals that 61% of Americans watched an average of 397 online videos in the month of January… Read More


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