Findings presented in the new Citrix Mobile Analytics Report indicate that mobile advertisements now reach an audience almost double that reached in 2013. Moving forward, Citrix projects dramatic growth in the number of subscribers touched by video ads and the data volume attributable to video ads. Not surprisingly, such growth will be driven, in part, by such… Read More

Although Google is branching out into, well, everything, they proved in 2013 that they haven’t forgotten where they started; their revolutionary, game changing search engine. How did they prove it? When they released their new search algorithm, Hummingbird. Then they went a step further and bought DNNResearch, Wavii and Bahavio to augment it. All told, it amount… Read More

The one sure-fire way to know if your video advertising is working is to focus on metrics, something that can be as easy as tallying impressions or as involved as tracking audience reaction to ads across multiple screens. It’s not always easy, to be sure, but according to a new eMarketer report entitled Digital Video Ad Metrics:… Read More

According to a new report published by eMarketer, branded video ad views soared throughout the previous eighteen months. The data in question, taken from video analytics platform Visible Measures, confirms almost 1.1 billion views of branded videos in Q3 of 2012.  In the fourth quarter, the number rose to 1.78 billion. Although user-initiated views of branded video… Read More

Last week, I explained  that videos and email marketing messages go together like chocolate and peanut butter. Click-through rates for marketing emails increase two or three times with the inclusion of video! This is in part because increasingly larger numbers of consumers (we’re talking trillions!) want to spend time watching online video, and also because it’s becoming… Read More

mobileStorm’s six messaging types for marketers are all conducive to our stance that multi-channel campaigns are best. We’ve also long suggested that marketers be multi-channel within a single message–for example, by including video in an email marketing message, which engages the recipient and also makes the message viral. We’re so forward-thinking that it’s only been recently that… Read More

Many have heard about Girl Scout Wild Freeborn. Her father tried to aid her lofty goal of selling 12,000 boxes of the organization’s famous cookies, by creating a YouTube ad and an online order form. The scheme was successful–until Girl Scouts of the USA forced the little Brownie to shutter her Internet campaign, saying it went against… Read More

Local traffic is always more targeted, and thus more likely to result in conversions. That is, consumers will more likely purchase what’s being offered to them. Always remember that you have this great advantage over national (and thus non-locally-friendly) businesses. If you missed my previous posts about local search marketing strategies, you can find them here and… Read More


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