Although Google is branching out into, well, everything, they proved in 2013 that they haven’t forgotten where they started; their revolutionary, game changing search engine. How did they prove it? When they released their new search algorithm, Hummingbird. Then they went a step further and bought DNNResearch, Wavii and Bahavio to augment it. All told, it amount… Read More

Today we’re continuing the discussion on technical elements of website usability that began in my previous post. One more important technical question: How does your website load? If it doesn’t load fast, research why not. Internet users don’t wait for sites to load – they just don’t. The average user doesn’t spend more than 30 seconds on… Read More

We are not going to get too technical today, since many readers might not be so knowledgeable about web programming. But I’ll offer some guidelines that you can keep in mind when working with your website developers. As a universal principle: Make sure everything works as planned in all the major web browsers. First, determine your servers’… Read More

In this installment of my Website Usability series, we will discover components and pages that can enrich your site and make it more user-friendly. Occasionally, you might have visited sites that were ”poor” in terms of their components. So what was missing? Possibly a number of things. Some sites lack their own title, slogan, and logo –… Read More

When it comes to web content, some things are obvious: – It should be free from misspellings, grammar, or factual mistakes; – It should be easy to understand, interesting, and not boring. – It needs to be SEO-friendly. However, from the website usability point of view, the content must be first of all useful! And there are… Read More

Simplicity is key when it comes to navigation. The more simple it is, the better. Your main task is to make sure visitors aren’t lost on your site. Navigation should be available on each page of your site. The visitor should be aware of where, exactly, he/she is located on the site at every moment. The visitor… Read More

While the homepage is your website’s face, the layout is how it looks. You want your face looking good, right? Let’s see how we can make this happen. We have already talked about design and content, and will discuss their sub-elements in upcoming posts. So today I’ll concentrate on the visual essentials of your website’s layout. Layout… Read More

The homepage (also known as the main page or the index page) is the face of your website. It is usually the most visited page of any site. It is highly important to make it as user-friendly as possible so that visitors will start navigating your website – instead of leaving it. The homepage should say it… Read More


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