First, you had to answer the website usability questions I posed in a previous post. Then, I had you look at the major WU elements of content, design, and development. Now, it’s time to look into your website’s hosting platform and its domain name. Hosting and Servers How fast does your site load? It’s not just code… Read More

Last week I started our conversation on website usability. Now that you have answered the three important questions I talked about – and you know what your site’s goal is, who your target audience is, and what your resources are – we can proceed. All website development and design should fall under those aforementioned three things. You… Read More

This article kicks off a series of posts on website usability. While SEO is great to bring people to your site, WU (website usability) will make sure they enjoy their stay and don’t leave right away. By focusing on WU, you will greatly increase conversions and sales since users always return, and will refer others to your… Read More


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