“Back in the day,” as the young folk say, YouTube was the place to go for video. Not just a place, not just one place — it was THE place. But a new day is dawning and whether YouTube will hold onto to its video laurel wreath in the future is very much an open question. Why?… Read More

Social media means many things to many people, but one thing it doesn’t suggest is a happy customer service experience. Only 5 percent of respondents said they wanted to use social networks for even simple inquiries and even fewer (3 percent) thought it would work for harder problems, according to recent research by American Express. Highlights from… Read More

What day will be the busiest holiday shopping day of the year in 2014? Put a big red circle around Monday, December 1 – aka “Cyber Monday” — per online retail giant Amazon. On this day, expect retailers to broadcast discounts and promotions in an effort to increase their share of online sales. How should retailers be… Read More

They come and they go, those markers of social acceptance. For a time, retailers delighted in click-throughs. Then they eagerly drooled over engagement data. But this holiday season, retailers seek one thing and one thing only: sales. “Last holiday season, social marketers for major retail brands saw how many fans they could corral or how many likes… Read More

In case you haven’t noticed, the holiday shopping season is here (a week before Black Friday, no less). In fact, some say it’s been since September. That’s when countless retailers started stocking the candy canes, Santa-saturated wrapping paper, and display shelves of fleece slippers, leather gloves, and sweaters. A full 42 percent of retailers ramped up holiday… Read More

The difference in marketing today as opposed to 10 or 20 years ago is almost as big as the difference between life in the early 1900s and today. In other words, it’s huge. Digital marketing has forever and completely changed the way brands interact with consumers and, with social media, smartphones and tablets leading the way, there… Read More

With the arrival of November comes the arrival of aggressive holiday marketing across every available channel and platform. With online holiday shopping becoming more prevalent and profitable with each passing year, it comes as no surprise that this growth accompanies augmented retail spending on mobile marketing and more savvy social media marketing. By all accounts, online and… Read More

What a difference a few years can make in the world of digital marketing. Despite being a miniscule priority for corporations just a relatively short time ago, today 94% of corporations use social media. What’s more, the positive impact of social media’s deployment in business is both palpable and compelling. So just how entrenched is social media… Read More


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