According to the U.K.’s Marketing Magazine, a new report by PwC found that for the first half of 2014: Mobile ads grew 196% to £63.9 million, making it the fastest-growing digital advertising format. 9% of total mobile adspend is mobile video. This grew 68% to over £707 million, which is 20% of digital adspend and more than… Read More

What group is the most social-oriented bunch on the web? Hats off to B2B marketers, 92 percent of whom are robust users of social media. That’s more than use the time-honored techniques of e-newsletters, blogs, white papers, and videos, says a new survey. An overwhelming majority of B2B marketers actively use social media to get the word… Read More

With the 2014 holiday shopping season fast approaching, digital marketers have already put on their thinking caps to begin planning how social media will factor into their marketing over the next three months. Thanks to a new infographic shared this week by CMO, we’re getting an in-depth look at the hottest social marketing and commerce trends as… Read More

While North America still accounts for the majority of social media ad spending worldwide at over 43% in 2013, Asia-Pacific has captured just over 28%, and will continue to close the gap faster than other markets over the next 2 years. In fact, by 2016 it is estimated that North America will come in at just over… Read More

Millennial aged women in the U.S. constitute a large group of females that are difficult to characterize. According to eMarketer, “For one thing, the age range covers those still in high school all the way through women approaching their mid-30s. And they are a more ethnically diverse generation than any that has come before.” A new eMarketer… Read More

Thousands of businesses across the United States today are counting on social media to bolster their brand’s visibility and engage with consumers in a highly personal, and relevant way. Unfortunately, even if your business is doing “everything right” and completely by the book for effective Facebook marketing, for example, that still doesn’t mean Facebook is the best… Read More

Sprout Social is out with a new infographic that is a must-read for social media marketers everywhere. Are you maintaining a healthy Twitter feed? Chances are, you’ll be able to answer that question more honestly after you peruse the following visual. And if you’re not doing a superb job yet, you will certainly be on the right… Read More

For many years, Facebook marketing has primarily been used for building brand awareness and increasing engagement. While building brand awareness and increasing consumer engagement certainly lead to conversions, it is a challenging thing to measure. For that reason, it has left many companies opting to do less with their Facebook marketing than with other online marketing avenues…. Read More


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