According to the U.K.’s Marketing Magazine, a new report by PwC found that for the first half of 2014:

  • Mobile ads grew 196% to £63.9 million, making it the fastest-growing digital advertising format.
  • 9% of total mobile adspend is mobile video. This grew 68% to over £707 million, which is 20% of digital adspend and more than half of social media adspend.
  • Combined video advertising on internet and mobile grew by 59% to £202 million.
  • 6% growth of overall digital advertising, a rise of £467 million
  • Native advertising amounted to £216 million, representing 21% of digital display advertising spend
  • Social media adspend rose by 73% to £396 million
  • Tablet specific adspend grew 160% to £29 million, up from £10 million.
  • Paid-for search marketing grew 11.3% to £1.92 billion

“Mobile’s share of the digital ad pie has tripled in two years, accounting for a fifth of total spend – rising to nearly a third of display and over half of social media ads,” says Dan Bunyan, manager at PwC.