As video becomes an increasingly important part of contemporary digital marketing, the desire for sage wisdom on how digital video marketing should be done has grown just as quickly.

For that reason, the Interactive Advertising Bureau is launching what it calls the IAB Digital Video Center of Excellence.

This new unit of IAB is devoted to promoting the development of the digital video medium.

According to an announcement this week from IAB, the Center will produce research projects, digital video advertising case studies, technical standards, creative showcases, and best practice identification in what the IAB calls “the burgeoning arena of digital video, which is driven by a dynamic mix of top television brands, leading print publishers, digital pioneers, and innovative web and mobile start-ups.”

According to the latest IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report, digital video is in the midst of double-digit year-over-year growth.

“Audiences are increasingly embracing digital video – especially original content that is bringing more and more viewers to interactive screens,” says Randall Rothenberg, CEO of IAB. “Major stars and creative talents are turning to digital video as their new go-to for distributing today’s most engaging programming experiences. The opportunity for marketers is tremendous, and it is imperative that we address key issues and challenges in order to fulfill digital video’s long-term promise of delivering powerful brand advertising at scale.”