Finally, those folks at Google are earning their free lunches. Today the tech company announced that its Gmail service now has an Undo Send button that lets people stop an email message. Handy for when you wrote that angry rant just to blow off steam, not to actually dispatch. Or when you accidentally hit “reply all” (a… Read More

Many have heard about Girl Scout Wild Freeborn. Her father tried to aid her lofty goal of selling 12,000 boxes of the organization’s famous cookies, by creating a YouTube ad and an online order form. The scheme was successful–until Girl Scouts of the USA forced the little Brownie to shutter her Internet campaign, saying it went against… Read More

Thanks to universal search, local business listings tend to rank higher than general websites in search engines, particularly in Google, the world’s largest search engine. This is why it is so important that your local business is listed everywhere. Previously I suggested that you include your phone number on your website, but many companies make one mistake:… Read More

Local traffic is always more targeted, and thus more likely to result in conversions. That is, consumers will more likely purchase what’s being offered to them. Always remember that you have this great advantage over national (and thus non-locally-friendly) businesses. If you missed my previous posts about local search marketing strategies, you can find them here and… Read More

As U.S. President Barack Obama was inaugurated this month, his promises for “change” echoed in media coverage nonstop. Mobile marketers, though, have actually seen President Obama usher in change for their industry. The former Illinois senator hit the ground running, implementing SMS alerts a year and a half before the November 2008 election. While other candidates were… Read More

The Mobile Marketing Association has extensive plans to boost itself–and the mobile marketing space–for the coming year, with a new leader, a soon-to-be home base in New York, and work on creation of updated best practices for U.S. marketers. Mike Wehrs last week was named MMA’s new president and CEO. The former vice president of Nuance Communications,… Read More

Californians woke up to the new year with a new law that bans text messaging while driving. The Golden State isn’t the only one; according to the Governors Highway Safety Association, texting is prohibited for drivers in Alaska, California, Connecticut, Louisiana, Minnesota, New Jersey, Washington state, and the District of Columbia. Recalcitrant marketers might use this as… Read More

Contextual ads are placed based on an algorithm that studies the words that the user is writing or reading. It’s a great theory in practice. But it can go horribly wrong. Check out what iMedia Connection published that exemplify these kinds of disasters: (If you don’t understand what’s the big deal: First, read the headline of each… Read More


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