“As we went to design our new headquarters, we thought about the things that make coming into the office suck, and did the opposite.”   I’m on my fifth company, four of which are still active. I’ve seen a lot of square footage in my history of entrepreneurship. I’ve tried every layout imaginable from sharing space with… Read More

Let’s be honest, the marketing world is rife with hyperbole. In fact, that’s pretty much what advertising is, exaggerated statements meant to attract attention and move people to take action. It’s no surprise then that, when the term ‘mobilegeddon’ first started appearing a few weeks back, it caught our eyes but didn’t exactly send us running for… Read More

Anyone else get super annoying SMS spam trying to sell sunglasses? Seems like this message comes once or twice a month. They use emoticons to turn an SMS message into something that resembles an email. They also do not send this as an SMS message via the SMPP protocol but rather they send it via SMTP, which… Read More

It may sound like a contradiction for the CEO of a digital communication company to say this, but let’s face it, in today’s digital world it’s easy to forget that face-to-face interaction with customers and colleagues is still at the heart of any business.  Whether closing sales transactions, presenting new ideas or just building on an existing… Read More

Why is SMS so powerful? Well, quite frankly, the adoption is here and in a huge way. Ninety-eight percent of cell phones in the U.S. have text messaging capabilities, and 78% of people are text messaging. Heck, I have my grandpa sending text messages now. It blows me away that most businesses still think SMS is for… Read More

We didn’t invent the term multi-channel marketing, but I can assure you mobileStorm was a first mover in this space. I can say for certain we were the first company in the U.S. to launch a self-service platform that provided six ways to communicate through the same interface (email, sms, video, voice, fax, and rss). We still… Read More

For those who care, I created a tour of mobileStorm’s new headquarters here in Los Angeles. It’s a bit lame, and there are times I bumble over words or cannot complete a proper sentence. On top of that its in HD so you can see every single pore, and no I did not have time to see… Read More

A number of sales reps have come to me lately and asked how they win a deal when the prospect tells them, ”I don’t need to do SMS marketing because I am doing Twitter, and it has an SMS component to it.” Twitter is an important communication channel that businesses need to adopt as a strategy, but… Read More


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