handshake_8It may sound like a contradiction for the CEO of a digital communication company to say this, but let\’s face it, in today\’s digital world it\’s easy to forget that face-to-face interaction with customers and colleagues is still at the heart of any business.  Whether closing sales transactions, presenting new ideas or just building on an existing relationship, the added value associated with circumventing the barriers of digital communication can go a long way in how your business is perceived.

While the mass communication benefits provided by new-age digital communication channels like social media, email, SMS and others are unmatched from a business perspective, it\’s important not to overlook personal contact as a way to put a face on all of that messaging in order to increase its credibility, impact and overall business value, especially when it comes to dealing with customers.  Real-world events such as trade shows, meet and greets and parties provide a chance to meet customers and prospects face-to-face, adding a level of value for both parties that no form of digital communication can provide.

As we\’ve become consumed with our increasingly digital lifestyle, one of the tradeoffs has been the lack of the \”personal touch\” that comes along with meeting someone face-to-face and engaging in personal dialog.  This interpersonal engagement is what can set your business, and yourself, apart from the rest.  While it\’s vitally important to lead your industry in terms of digital communication, you can gain an additional competitive advantage over others by simply adding a personal touch to all of the ways you reach out to others.

It comes down to finding a perfect balance between digital communication and personal contact, where you can leverage the benefits of both to engage those around you without the fear of putting too much emphasis on one or the other.  As nearly all forms of communication have become \”digitized\” in one form or another, meeting and interacting with someone face-to-face has become more important than ever.

At mobileStorm, we have and will always feel that it is important for us to have a personal relationship with each of our customers as well as the digital marketing industry as a whole.  We keep this commitment on many levels, starting with our highly skilled team of support personnel,  who I remind every day to provide service that is nothing short of legendary.  In my opinion they hit this goal almost 100% of the time.  We also have a culture of transparency that includes every level of our operations from top to bottom, myself included.  Most importantly, we make an effort to get out of our offices as much as possible and meet with customers and partners on a regular basis.  This is part of our day to day operations but also includes larger events that we host regularly so that we can include people we may have missed as well as support the community around our brand.

mobileStorm has been in business for over 11 years.  In that time it would have been easy for us to forget where we came from, the people who got us here and the people who continue to support our business.  By making an additional effort to communicate and interact with these people on a digital AND a personal level regularly, I believe that we\’ve created a sustainable business model based on both advanced technology and deep personal relationships.  It\’s the best of both worlds and a strong foundation for us to move into the future.