Recently the folks at Gmail announced via their blog that they have been working closely with PayPal and eBay in an attempt to reduce the number of phishing attacks and the associated collateral damage. By using industry email authentication technologies such as DomainKeys and DomainKeys Identified Email (DKIM), they now authenticate every message sent PayPal and eBay. The end result is that if a message from either or arrives at Gmail, if it does not pass Gmail\’s authentication verification, Gmail will reject that message completely and not deliver it.

The significance of this is that Gmail has now set a precedent within the realm of email deliverability. In short, the search giant has made the executive decision not to deliver messages from two particular companies unless those companies take steps to authenticate their email. What if Gmail were to decide to use the same policy for all inbound email? At this point, I think that is very unlikely, considering that email authentication unfortunately has not been embraced yet by the majority of email senders. In fact, it was also recently reported that less than half of Fortune 500 companies are using any sort of email authentication. A mere 202 companies – 40 percent – are using some sort of authentication, and only 72 of those are using DomainKeys/DKIM. That to me is a little scary.

Folks, the time will come when spam and email abuse is bad enough that Internet and email service providers will make the decision to only deliver email that has been authenticated. Once that happens, any email senders who have not authenticated their email will be rejected. Do you want to be in that predicament? Will you be ready when that time comes? At mobileStorm, we use all authentication methods in our email. We are prepared.

Now is the time to start authenticating your email. There are numerous resources to help you understand these technologies and how to implement them. Authenticate today!

Until next time,
Jaren Angerbauer, Director of Deliverability, mobileStorm
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