Some marketers want to try SMS marketing, but can’t figure out the best place to start. Others worry that in these economic times, they’ll be hard-pressed to get consumers to spend money on extra goods or services. Not to worry: mobileStorm is presenting a free webinar that addresses both these issues. Titled ”Making Money With Mobile Coupons,”… Read More

Conservationists in Kenya are using SMS to save the lives of both pachyderms and humans, and its success could help usher in  other services using SMS and location technology. According to an Associated Press report, a group called Save The Elephants has placed collars with cell phone SIM cards on the necks of two elephants. Using GPS,… Read More

Last week  the Moscone Center West in San Francisco  was full of marketers and business owners attending Online Market World 2008. Unlike major conferences such as Adtech and SES, Online Market World is smaller and only its second year. Still, there were a number of quality sessions as well as the whole  gamut of exhibitors–from Verisign  to… Read More

There’s been a lot of talk in recent months about so-called “cloud computing,” in which all software and utilities are stored and accessed on the Internet rather than on a user’s hardware. Think of, which sells software as a service (SaaS). mobileStorm is SaaS-y too! Yahoo, Intel, and Hewlett-Packard have a joint project to create a… Read More

Interview marketing is more than a self-branding tool  used by the likes of Barbara Walters. It  is a powerful strategy that gives you free quality content and free quality links. If done right it, might place your site into top rankings without much effort. Interview marketing is clear-cut: You interview people, place these interviews on your site,… Read More

I am talking about something huge that will happen pretty soon, I assume in the next year or two: SEO becoming obsolete. Google has already talking about it for quite some time; it’s become reality in both their Labs and in actual SERP (search engine results pages). In this new world, search results will be different for… Read More

I’ve attended enough Apple events in my life to know that today’s shindig–truely an accurate term for Cupertino’s PR happenings, considering the heady blind love and live rock/pop music that fills the air–will make headlines even if not warranted. Leather iPod pouches, anyone? Still, I’m betting had bet that whatever they come came out with will effect… Read More

What does Google’s new Chrome browser  mean for online advertising and, more specifically, paid search?  I still haven’t figured out the whole Doubleclick merger”¦or maybe I just don’t want to think about it that hard.  With each new newsworthy tidbit from the powerhouse, I think increasingly more about how genius Google’s long term strategy is.  I downloaded… Read More


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