Some marketers want to try SMS marketing, but can’t figure out the best place to start. Others worry that in these economic times, they’ll be hard-pressed to get consumers to spend money on extra goods or services.

Not to worry: mobileStorm is presenting a free webinar that addresses both these issues.

Titled \”Making Money With Mobile Coupons,\” the webinar is scheduled to happen at 11 a.m. November 11(Pacific time). mobileStorm CEO and founder Jared Reitzin will explain why mobile coupons are integral for today\’s marketing campaigns. He will also share basic instructions on the ideal way to launch a mobile coupon campaign.

“I am very excited about our upcoming webinar on mobile coupons, because this might be the perfect application for your mobile strategy,” our fearless leader says. “We are seeing a fundamental shift right now; companies are moving their spending away from advertising and into the promotions category, such as discounts, contests, rebates, sponsorships, and coupons. Coupons are a big silo within promotions, and mobile really is the perfect and logical next step. Customers are not only willing to take you up on your offer, but also will give you their personal data and contact info.”

He really is excited about it, folks. And as you know, an enthusiastic teacher is the most effective kind! So this webinar is sure to show marketers something useful, and get them mobile marketing and offering SMS coupons in no time.

To register to attend \”Making Money With Mobile Coupons,\” go to