Google and IBM recently unveiled an initiative allowing the Google Health site to connect to and stream data from medical devices like heart rate monitors and blood-sugar meters–updating information into Google’s online records in real-time. The program is seen as a precursor to digitized health care in the United States, a major goal of the Obama administration…. Read More

My previous blog post introduced a new series about local search marketing. Today we’ll dig right in! Let’s start with your business name. Does it say where you are located? If you operate nationwide or worldwide, it’s not important, but what if your location is valuable for your business? Which name would help you more: ”Angel’s Flowers”… Read More

It was pretty much the worst case scenario realized for retailers last month. Retail sales declined 2.7 percent in the all-important month of December, drawing to a close the worst holiday season since 1969. With consumer confidence still at record lows, how can a typical retailer hope to survive such dire circumstances? While there are no easy… Read More

The Mobile Marketing Association has extensive plans to boost itself–and the mobile marketing space–for the coming year, with a new leader, a soon-to-be home base in New York, and work on creation of updated best practices for U.S. marketers. Mike Wehrs last week was named MMA’s new president and CEO. The former vice president of Nuance Communications,… Read More

We’ve all heard the dire predictions of what 2009 will mean to marketers and make no mistake about it, the news isn’t great. I won’t bother with a rehash of what others have reported because, quite frankly, it’s too depressing to do so. What I offer instead is the proverbial silver lining in this dark, gloomy cloud… Read More

The Washington Post had a cautionary tale about video marketingyesterday–and quoted none other than the marketing manager of TubeMogul, mobileStorm’s partner in video distribution. The news story was on President-elect Barack Obama’s video “fireside chats” dropping 50 percent in popularity within three weeks. “I’ve heard a lot of puffed-up rhetoric about how this is going to change… Read More

Wouldn’t you  know it: The same day of mobileStorm’s free  webinar on mobile coupons  last week, I saw a Harris Interactive study that emphasized the importance of coupons this holiday season. The study  found that 89 percent  of online adults think coupons are a great way to save money, and that 35 percent  of those who will… Read More

While the world watched U.S. citizens’ votes with a careful eye on Tuesday, the Federal Communications Commission voted unanimously on something pretty important too: It decided to allow the unlicensed use of the white space television spectrum. This means that a big chunk of radio airwaves–those being freed up once all U.S. TV broadcasts go digital early… Read More


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