Every so often, the headlines proclaim that one or more mainstay mobile marketing practices are poised to bite the dust. But with email, SMS, and virtually all facets of mobile marketing still growing and thriving, the critics have recently turned their attention to mobile coupons. And now they may want to focus on something else… again. Despite… Read More

Incentives are becoming more and more popular with opt-in SMS marketing strategies. Why? They give a consumer a valuable reason to join a marketing list. There’s no law that says companies that use SMS marketing must provide an incentive to those who opt-in, but consumers are coming to expect it, and in the long-term, appreciated incentives will… Read More

The casino industry has been dealt a winning hand. mobileStorm Inc., a leading Communication Service Provider, has announced a new strategic partnership with Las Vegas marketing agency SK+G. For more than a decade, SK+G has provided strategic branding to leading companies on both the domestic and international stage. mobileStorm will now deliver to SK+G’s gaming and hospitality… Read More


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