Americans Want More Health Messaging

According to the findings of a new study conducted by Varolii Corporation, Americans have warmed to an unprecedented degree to the thought of receiving communications from businesses via the mobile channel.

Overall, the national study indicates that consumers want more, not less, customer service related communication from businesses. 70 percent of those surveyed believe that SMS notifications could help them avoid issues, like a late fee or missed appointment.

Nearly 80 percent of respondents also say they trust the judgment of the companies with whom they have relationships about when, why and how to send such messages.

Although consumers aren’t about to abandon traditional emails and phone calls, mobile is fast becoming the “top way to reach a majority of American consumers.”

And it’s by the overwhelming endorsement of consumers that this reality is playing out today. In fact, it is estimated that 80 percent of Americans have provided their cell phone number to a company.

Mobile marketing opportunities for businesses aside, text messages are seen as being particularly popular when the communications they carry are related to healthcare.

Cited as the “most welcomed messages” are those directly related to health and wellness. Nearly 7 out of 10 individuals surveyed are open to receiving SMS reminders about upcoming medical appointments. Another 57 percent appreciate notices about prescription refills and pickup information.

Nearly one-third of those who participated in the survey expressed their view that proactive messaging is important in helping to prevent missed doctor appointments or medication doses.


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