Over the last two years, we have witnessed a dramatic evolution in the way brands and consumers interact with one another. With new technology and platforms emerging from obscurity to obtain ubiquity in that short time frame, the level of engagement has changed markedly, as have the tactics that must now be used in order to engage… Read More

Mobile security company AdaptiveMobile has just issued an industry-first snapshot of SMS traffic across the United States, which shows some unprecedented visualizations of text messaging spam based on the mobile phone’s geographical location. The image also projects what AdaptiveMobile calls the industry’s first “comprehensive map” of the sources and targets of mobile spam in the United States…. Read More

An unsettling report issued recently by McAfee underscores the prevalence of SMS scams during the holidays. In an effort to educate the public on the most common scams that criminals use during the holiday season, McAfee outlined what it calls the “12 Scams of Christmas.” Not surprisingly, the scams extend deep into mobile territory. “The potential for… Read More

In 2013, great strides have been made on both the domestic and international fronts to curtail the unwanted practice of blasting consumers – in some cases, unlawfully – with SMS spam. But between new regulations and growing mass market awareness of consumer rights, SMS spam is rightfully under fire and finally in retreat. While nothing is more… Read More

Mobile marketing has been called the ultimate equalizer, especially when it comes to local businesses trying to compete with and match the marketing power of larger businesses that occupy the same community. For that reason, equipping locally-owned small businesses with the knowledge and resources requisite to thrive in competition with big companies for consumer affections and dollars… Read More

Mobile marketers are entering the golden age of mobile marketing when it comes to targeting and connecting to teenagers. Earlier this year when Piper Jaffray published its Taking Stock With Teens report, the hottest trends and purchasing preferences among U.S. teenagers were brought to light. In the mobile device category, smartphones are hot commodities, with Apple’s iPhone… Read More

Although the digital age has certainly played a role in the regrettable emergence and subsequent growth of cyberbullying, technology is now playing a role in combating the epidemic it has helped to create. According to published reports out of Boston, public schools in Beantown have rolled out a new two-way texting service aimed at curbing bullying by… Read More

According to the findings of a new study conducted by Varolii Corporation, Americans have warmed to an unprecedented degree to the thought of receiving communications from businesses via the mobile channel. Overall, the national study indicates that consumers want more, not less, customer service related communication from businesses. 70 percent of those surveyed believe that SMS notifications… Read More


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