The Mobile Resources That Will Change Customer and Brand Relationships in 2014

The Mobile Resources That Will Change Customer and Brand Relationships in 2014Over the last two years, we have witnessed a dramatic evolution in the way brands and consumers interact with one another.

With new technology and platforms emerging from obscurity to obtain ubiquity in that short time frame, the level of engagement has changed markedly, as have the tactics that must now be used in order to engage consumers.

2014 will continue to bring new developments, some of which are easy to foresee.


Mobile is undoubtedly the major game changer of our time, and it will continue to dominate the marketing world for years to come. The newest wave of mobile devices, however, is even more integrated into the human experience than smartphones and tablets. With wearable devices like the smartwatches most companies have either released or will release this year, more opportunities will emerge for brands to connect with consumers on a very personal level.


Last year, brands began using mobile apps in droves as an effective way to engage with customers. Some have even used their app’s messaging capabilities to engender a mobile storefront of sorts to market and sell products directly through the app. As this tactic becomes more popular in 2014, it will be easier to streamline the mobile buying experience.

Picture Sharing

As platforms like Snapchat, Flickr, and Instagram soared in adoption by businesses throughout 2013, brands now understand that they must be willing to break into this new arena and use it to its fullest potential. With visual native advertising expected to revolutionize mobile advertising this year, it’s never been simpler or more affordable for small businesses to compete with industry giants thanks to the level playing field provided by mobile’s hottest and fastest-growing social platforms.


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