I wish someone from the Newspaper Association of America had read my blog posts about how and why papers should  use digital messaging for both distribution and branding. Instead, the NAA’s big meeting this week was all about traditional vs. new forms of media. The association griped about aggregators and third-party sites–which at least know how to… Read More

RSS confuses many. Could be that the acronym itself makes it appear more complicated than it really is. So the first thing you should know is what RSS really stands for: Real Simple Syndication. Note the word “simple”! Key benefits: 100% deliverability. If you offer your email and newsletter content via RSS, subscribers to your feed enjoy… Read More

The digital marketing world is one in constant flux, which is the nature of any industry that centers on technology. From Apple vs. PC to BluRay vs. HD DVD, standards for new technologies become the battlegrounds for many companies trying to have their chosen formats to be the winners. Of course, this is hardly surprising given the… Read More

You might have heard that mobileStorm recently launched RSS messaging. That makes us the only company globally that provides 6 ways to communicate with prospects and customers from the same web-based control panel. RSS, which stands for Really Simple Syndication, is a relatively new web technology that is used to publish frequently updated content such as blogs… Read More


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