Moms Are Most Receptive to Email Marketing

Marketers are always looking for the “next big thing” that will bolster their reach and engagement with highly coveted targeted demographics.

But what may be most effective for marketers in the future is that which we already know is effective today – email marketing.

In fact, when it comes to targeting the crucial mom segment of consumers, there’s plenty of motherly love to go around for email marketing.

Simply put, asserts a new report from Forbes, good old fashioned email, “the medium many predicted years ago would go the way of fax machines,” is hugely popular among moms. All told, it outranks other mediums in the eyes of this most sought-after demographic.

Coupled with the news that moms are an increasingly mobile market segment, this information serves as further motivation for marketers to ensure that their email campaigns are mobile-friendly.

According to the data presented, 19% of surveyed moms have used brand emails to help them make purchase decisions as opposed to the national U.S. average of 17%. In terms of retail emails and even retailer texts, these communications are more influential and impactful among moms than the general population.

The bottom line? When it comes to marketing to moms, a mobile-first mentality is now critically important.

“Email marketing is extremely vital in engaging with moms and potentially impacting their buying decision,” the report concludes.


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