It’s a brave new world for email marketing. If your messages aren’t tailored for mobile devices, their impact will be muted.

With a record number of consumers checking their emails daily on mobile devices, marketers must now ensure that their emails reach the masses where they dwell – on mobile.

To ensure your campaigns are keeping pace with the challenges and opportunities of the day, here are a few considerations worth taking in your email marketing.

The first order of business to ensure your email template is mobile friendly and easily readable across any and all mobile devices.  But just making your messages presentable on mobile isn’t enough.

You also have to build trust.

Always make it clear who the email is coming from right away. If it looks like spam, it will be deleted without being read. And be sure to humanize the communication in the process. People don’t want to hear from a corporation. They want to hear from a person.  That’s why a human “from” name as opposed to a cold corporate brand name is so important to email marketing success. Have your newsletter come from someone who can act as the email marketing face of the company.

Correspondingly, the subject line should seem just as natural, like you have a preexisting relationship and are reaching out as a friend or colleague. What’s more, mobile users are in a hurry. They want to know why they should open your email instead of just deleting it. Make sure your subject line communicates why the message is worth their time.

Next, be sure to make those calls to action clear and compelling. Don’t try to subtly slip them in at the end, where they may be overlooked or ignored.

If possible or appropriate, use pictures. Present an eye-catching visual to engage your audience. A big block of text will discourage a consumer, but an image will not.

Lastly, beware of the unsubscribe button and its location. Make sure it’s where your users can find it, but not where a clumsy finger might accidentally hit it while trying to click through to your webpage.

According to the findings from the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, mobile phone owners are accessing the mobile web and checking email via their devices at twice the rate they were just four short years ago.

The bottom line: Those who don’t embrace mobile first may very well end up last among the most effective email marketers.