(The following is an excerpt from the article “Email Conversion Rates: A Primer” by Director of Client Deliverability Patrick Knight, appearing in tomorrow’s edition of mobileStorm’s Outside The Inbox.)

Conversion data should be analyzed to know the effectiveness of an email campaign. Your conversion analysis can tell you how many of your recipients actually did exactly what you wanted them to do. Based on this number a marketer can better understand the audience, and create campaigns based on this feedback in order to make a future offering more effective.

Additionally, low conversion rates can be used as a key indicator of email deliverability issues. Since conversion rates are based on the number of messages delivered – not messages sent – inbox delivery of the message is of great importance, which ultimately can significantly affect return on investment (ROI). mobileStorm\’s technology can provide click rates which can be used in conjunction with other metrics to determine a marketer\’s conversion rate.

In the short term, marketers can use conversion data to make adjustments as needed, and find what best works for what they are trying to accomplish. In the long term, marketers can use this data to better understand their client base.

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