New to the Scene: Products mobileStorm mobileStorm, which provides digital marketing products and services, announced a new premium short message service for its Stun! platform. The service gives clients the option to earn money on certain text messages and content by having cellphone users pay for the service through their phone bill, said the company. mobileStorm said… Read More

mobileStorm takes the guess work out of e-mail marketing With marketing budgets allotting more funds to e-mail advertising and companies valuing good service, it’s no wonder that e-mail service providers are reaping the advertising benefits. Today’s consumer does not wait for the Sunday paper to get in on the good deals (those days are over); there is… Read More

Inc., the business magazine and website, named mobileStorm’s technology as the ”best for sending text messages.” In an article about products that are best for email and mobile marketing campaigns, Inc. listed mobileStorm among its six top selections. Said the magazine, ”Here’s our pick of services that let you manage subscriber lists, comply with spam regulations, monitor… Read More

For DirectMag Surely one of the greatest developments in the short history of e-mail marketing is the ”report spam” button. Once AOL developed the complaint button and in 2001 pioneered using a so-called feedback loop to supply e-mailers information on who complained – after which other inbox providers followed suit – marketers could no longer claim ISPs… Read More

mobileStorm’s marketing communications manager, Eydie Cubarrubia, wrote the cover story for the November 28, 2007 issue of iMedia Connection. Titled “Brand winners in your Xbox,” the article explains how branded games for the console can further a brand’s sense of relevancy for consumers, in ways that mere in-game or pre-roll ads can not. The story appears both… Read More

Redwood City, CA –  mobileStorm CEO and founder Jared Reitzin will speak at the Consumer Technology Innovations conference November 27. During his presentations, he will discuss digital advertising as well as mobileStorm’s expertise in the space. The conference, held November 27-28 at Sofitel San Francisco Bay in Redwood City, California, brings together digital industry heavyweights, hot… Read More

Jared Reitzin, CEO and founder of mobileStorm, is a columnist in DMNews’ new ”Essential Guide To E-mail Marketing.” The special supplement of the news publication – which covers direct, database, and Internet marketing – is available online as a PDF file. Mr. Reitzin’s piece, ”So you want to reach the inbox,” gives advice on how to avoid… Read More

See the video here interviewed mobileStorm CEO Jared Reitzin at the recent CTIA conference in San Francisco. Mr. Reitzin spoke about mobileStorm’s do-it-yourself digital marketing platform and how it helps customers such as Quantas, Carl’s Jr., Buzznet, and Palms Casino – as well as small business clients who can spend as little as $20 per month… Read More


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