mobileStorm Announces a New Whitepaper: How to Choose an SMS Vendor, a 30-Point Checklist.

White Paper Provides Key Criteria for Selecting the Best Suited SMS Vendor to Reach and Build an Audience

Los Angeles, October 20, 2009 – Celebrating 10 years in business, mobileStorm ( today announced its new white paper, \”How to Choose an SMS Vendor: A 30 Point Vendor Selection Checklist.\” While most types of businesses currently use SMS to capture the awareness of customers or audiences, very few are familiar with integrating SMS into a marketing or CRM strategy. By choosing the right SMS vendor, company leaders will better understand how to strengthen their businesses, generate ROI, and reduce the risk of damaging their brand. mobileStorm is placing its published guide on the company\’s web site and it can be downloaded at

While the white paper addresses introductory questions such as, \”What is SMS?\” and \”What Should Be Most Important?\” [when choosing an SMS vendor], the meat of the guide is the checklist in which mobileStorm defines the selection process and provides valuable criteria in three separate categories: Expert Advice, Technology & Product Features, and Account Management & Customer Service. To ensure a company has thoroughly covered all its bases when making a selection, the goal is to have all 30 points checked off before making a final, educated decision.

\”Companies don\’t always realize that by not following specific rules and guidelines when implementing SMS into a business strategy, they will not only waste time and money, but their SMS campaigns can have the opposite effect of their intended purpose and actually damage the company\’s brand,\” said Jared Reitzin, CEO and Founder of mobileStorm. \”SMS is an incredibly effective tool to incorporate into a company\’s marketing strategy, but taking the time to be educated about the process and the options that are out there is just as valuable, if not more.\”

Ultimately the objective is to end up with a performing solution that\’s a good fit for the company at hand. To maximize a company\’s likelihood of receiving a performing solution, a process must be applied to avoid unfortunate drawbacks. mobileStorm\’s checklist is meant to point company decision-makers to the best SMS vendor match available. SMS marketing strategies have proven to be extremely successful in building a loyal customer following and by evaluating the criteria presented in the mobileStorm checklist, the choice will be a clear one.

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