Video SEO and Marketing 2

Video MarketingPart-2: Video Marketing

Letting the world know about your video.

There are thousands of video-sharing sites today that will only get larger over time. They are the simplest and the most effective method of promoting your video. It does take time to upload the file to each video site in addition to filling out the form about yourself and the video you submit but it’s worth it in the end. Sites like will upload your video to 12 popular video portals in 1 shot. And it won’t cost you a penny.

Some video-sharing sites will allow you to submit the video through the other site where you have already submitted it. That will save you lots of time. Also, some sites will just require an RSS URL of your video-blog and will do the rest for you.

Here is a list of 35 major video-sharing websites that we like to work with at mobileStorm:

When submitting the videos to these sites use the recommendations I gave in my previous post on Video SEO. Also, allow people to discuss it, rate it, vote for it and even ”embed” it (inserting your code to play/show the video on their own sites and blogs.) Be open, don’t be afraid of criticism, and discuss your videos together with the online community.

Use numerous social-bookmarking sites to promote your video. People like to vote/share/dig/submit videos more than articles. If your video is really good, you won’t even need to ask anyone; they’ll do everything themselves. Just have these buttons ready on your vlog right below the video window if it’s playing on your own website.

Videos have a tremendous viral effect – if your video is great/sexy/smart/useful/etc. people will share it with their friends and colleagues. Most video-sharing websites are now offering this opportunity right after the video ends. So everything is basically done for you, just get creative with your videos!

Read these adjectives, they’ll help you to brainstorm and understand what your video might be. People watch and share videos that are:

Revolutionary, original, amazing, strange, scandalous, surprising, avant-garde, extraordinary, innovative, abnormal, remarkable, shocking, outstanding, ground-breaking, exceptional, eccentric, outrageous, cutting edge, smart, wonderful, pioneering, magnificent, incredible, sharp, classy, brittle, sweeping, profound, intuitive, moving, piercing, romantic, peaceful, knowledgeable, unexpected, breathtaking, unusual, attractive, ultramodern, terrific, radical, superb, beautiful, advanced, bizarre, unique, fancy, significant, useful, brilliant, incomparable, extreme, amazing, fantastic, appealing, spectacular, offbeat, tremendous, chic, marvelous, fundamental, bright, deep, intelligent, exclusive, eye-catching, intense, extravagant, impressive, stylish, interesting, powerful, passionate, inspiring, fashionable, tempting, influential, and simply great.

If your video fits one or more of these, you are already on your way but don’t let that limit you. The bottom line is that you want your video to be compelling enough for people to click and more importantly share with other people. This will make your video be as successful as possible.

Happy Video Marketing!

Shavkat Karimov
Director, Online Marketing
Every problem comes with a solution


2 Responses

  1. Karl Erfurt says:

    Wow, that is quite a list of video sharing sites you have there. I did not know about most of those; I have been using only YouTube and Metacafe for videos to embed in relevant blog posts.

    Unfortunately, I do not seem to have the skills or equipment to actually produce video at this point, but I have a brother that has more talent in this area. He has produced a humorous video of a dry ice bomb experiment and uploaded to YouTube, but none of us have actually done any marketing or promotion for it yet.

    He gave me an embed code for a higher quality version of the video than what is currently on YouTube so that I can eventually put it up on my blog as soon as I do some keyword research and create relevant content for it. The information in this article will be useful for us because we will now have a wider range of distribution channels for promotion, with a greater possibility of it "going viral" if things work out right.

  2. Karl, thanks for sharing! I am glad my second article on the subject is found useful too. I'll write more on video marketing in future for sure.

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