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Newsletter MarketingAt mobileStorm, we aim at providing our clients with maximum solutions for their digital marketing activities via our unique platforms: Stun! and Bolt!. Although these products allow you to communicate to your customers in 5 different ways, email is still the most popular one. Many of today’s marketers use newsletters and e-zines as their most efficient form of email marketing. Therefore it is vital to know how to market your newsletter on the web, how to make it popular, how to get more subscribers, and how to ensure your email newsletter is a success both now and in the future.

This section of our digital marketing blog is devoted to the newsletter marketing. We will talk about optimizing your email newsletter signup page for search engines; marketing it on the web; submitting to newsletter directories (we will have a database of newsletter and ezine directories available for you to explore); marketing your email newsletter with other means both online and offline; running optimized PPC campaigns for your newsletter; using affiliate and referral programs to get more subscribers; working with social networking sites to get your email newsletter seen and known.

You will learn how to beat your competitors both in terms of content as well as subscriber acquisitions. Simply follow our easy-to-use tips and tricks, and watch the results. We want our clients be successful in all directions. Our platforms allow you to communicate with your database users more effectively, with better deliverability, custom templates and reliable tracking. These same ideas can apply to your newsletter and we’ll show you how to make the most out of them.

Feel free to leave us your comments, feedback and questions, and we’ll do our best to make sure we answer any inquiries you have as quickly as possible.

So, tune in and bookmark our blog for future reference as we will be updating it quite frequently. Until next time.

Shavkat Karimov
Director, Online Marketing
Every problem comes with a solution


5 Responses

  1. drew says:

    very interesting registered & waiting for more!

  2. Joshua Blays says:

    I have just started a newsletter on my web site. Where do I need to register it to get subscribers?

  3. Shavkat says:

    We will have a big database of newsletter directories for you to submit to. The database will be posted on our blog as a separate article and will be updated continuously.

    For now, you might want to consider this great resource:

    I posted direct link to the registration/signup page for your convenience.

    Always carefully choose your category. The more precise you are, the more subscribers you will get. Good luck!

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