Success of Link BuildingThe success of link building depends on who is doing it and how it is done.

First, you need to understand the purpose of link building.  Many non-professionals don’t build links because they just don\’t get the point. Some  people may  think that optimized links in their content can be unnatural or disturbing for readers. This might be true, but it depends on how you do it. The links will be a natural addition when they help readers to explore a subject further.

One should understand that he/she is giving additional value in the form of external resources when readers want to learn more. At the same time, links save time for readers who don\’t want a lot of information on one page. Links also help other pages on your site, and external sites with worthy content, rank high and be found by real people. They help  the Web to be more organized for us all. Links are vital for SEO (search engine optimization)–they help the promoted page to rank high for its keywords and to be found by those looking for it. Link building is essential to increase anyone\’s web presence.

It\’s not just about sending out templated emails and sometimes responding to the replies. Moreover, we all should understand that spam is evil. There are plenty of ways to gain natural links from related pages, without getting on people\’s nerves.

Link building requires some technical skills (to insert the link codes, for example) as well as  extraordinary search skills (to find strong link partners for automated or manual link submissions).

A good link builder is the one with a \”good eye.\” This person is able to see the link value of certain pages within the enormous pile of worldwide Web information. Ideally this person will have wide interests,   is versed in hundreds of subjects, and is capable of identifying a great link partner on-the-spot.

Link building requires a creative approach. While everyone knows the rules, only those with original moves and strategic vision can outrank others.

Devotion, determination, and passion will help a link builder to do the job repeatedly on a day-to-day basis. You also need patience. Link building is time consuming. The results of this kind of work won’t be apparent right away. The only great thing about it is that when you do “your thing” correctly, the results will come sooner or later.

To be successful in building links for your site, or the sites of your clients, you can\’t be shy. You need to go out there and interact with others. Sometimes, you need to ask for a favor. You need to explain and convince. You need to be active.

Link building is different from link baiting–as work is different from fun. While the second can have a nice effect, it cannot be your long-term strategy. For solid results you need to build strong \”permanent\” links that wouldn\’t disappear as fast as they had appeared. Don’t just create a buzz that will result in some occasional traffic–it\’s just a waste of your time and bandwidth. Better to have onw  really interested visitor who might buy from you, or otherwise convert for you, than to have 10 drive-by visitors who won’t stay longer than a few seconds.

Some people can tell stories, while others can\’t. If you can, you are lucky and you can use it in link building as well. Links that aren\’t boring live longer. Try humor. If your link is funny, it will stay in place for a long time; if the content is funny, it will gain links continuously.

The links should be useful. They need to bring additional value to the content. Those automated, spammy, sponsored, or otherwise annoying links we see on the Internet aren\’t useful and bring no additional value, that\’s why they go away pretty fast. Moreover, they have a negative impact  on those sites or pages to which they link, and thus even harm them.

Relevancy is another key to long-lasting links. Until recently one of the hardest but most desired place for links – Wikipedia – is pretty stable for really relevant links even if they sometimes break their guidelines. Keep your links relevant all the time.

I hope this post will inspire others to link to it.

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