Two-Thirds of Marketing Emails Now Opened on Mobile DevicesIf there were any doubts before, the time to dispatch them is now.

Consumers the world over are using their mobile devices to check and respond to email in numbers previously unimaginable. Today, nearly two-thirds (65%) of marketing emails are opened on mobile devices.

Citing the latest industry data showcasing the muscle of mobile in email marketing, Matt Southern of Search Engine Journal says a mobile marketing strategy “is not just something that’s nice to have, it’s a necessity.”

“If your business regularly sends out emails they need to be optimized for mobile,” he asserts. “But even more important than that, if you link back to your site in the email you better be linking back to mobile friendly pages so you’re not turning away customers.”

The rate of mobile email opens is expected to climb further in the coming years on the back of smartphone shipment momentum across the global landscape.

Just today, the latest research from Strategy Analytics‘ Wireless Smartphone Strategies service revealed that global smartphone shipments grew 41 percent last year to reach a record 990 million units in 2013.