The British are coming! The British are coming!

With their mobile coupons, that is.

A new Juniper survey reveals the impressive growth of mobile coupons in the UK with an estimated three million Britons having already redeemed coupons through their mobile phone. According to the report, the popularity of mobile coupons is the result of an aggressive mobile marketing push from British brands now reporting a six-fold increase in response rates due to mobile coupons.

Although the results of “The Mobile Coupons Consumer Survey” from Juniper come as music to the ears of mobile marketers for whom the explosion in popularity of mobile coupons simply can’t escalate fast enough, it ultimately doesn’t take field research to tangibly indicate the accepted ubiquity of mobile coupons, particularly in portions of Europe.

Between May and June of this year, Coca-Cola Great Britain (CCGB), with the assistance of digital voucher company, i-movo, executed a mobile coupon campaign in the United Kingdom that, according to i-movo, delivered an 87% redemption rate, making it the most successful British mobile coupon campaign in British history.

Despite mobile coupons not resonating with North American consumers as quickly as many advertisers would prefer, the British boom is inspiring, nonetheless, and portends favorably for the overall resurgence in coupon redemption. Better than 75% of those surveyed, in fact, said they are aware of mobile coupons and that there is also a “strong possibility” they will redeem them.

According to Howard Wilcox, Senior Analyst at Juniper Research, \”The redemption rate for traditional paper coupons is typically 1% or less, but, based on our survey, mobile coupons offer 6 times these rates. This means that retailers and brands have the opportunity to exploit the mobile channel via personalized coupon offers direct to the ultimate personal device – the mobile phone.\”

The findings published by Juniper this week nicely follow their previous study which forecasts that one mobile subscriber in ten in developed regions will use mobile coupons by 2014. Consequently, Juniper estimates that consumer usage of mobile coupons could potentially generate upwards of $6 billion globally in retail redemption value by that time.

“The Mobile Coupons Consumer Survey” is now freely available for download from the Juniper website.

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