As SMS adoption continues to grow at an astonishing rate, more and more businesses are incorporating the channel as a serious form of customer communication. 10 years ago I could barely get anyone to pay for a SMS message, now we get hundreds of leads per month (Google “SMS Marketing”) from companies convinced that mobile is going to play a big part of their revenue stream.sms provider whitepaper icon

As mobile starts to grow, so does the competition. There are all kinds of solutions out there that range from free SMS (with ads tacked on), to mobile agencies planning a complete mobile strategy. We thought about all of the criteria a business should think about before choosing an SMS vendor and have come up with a wonderfully short 30 point check list.

Written in conjunction with my colleague and good friend Marwan Soghaier we tackle the biggest and most important questions a business needs to ask itself before making any decisions.

I think you will enjoy, so please download the whitepaper and don’t be shy in giving us feedback:


Jared Reitzin
mobileStorm Inc.