The casino industry has been dealt a winning hand.

mobileStorm Inc., a leading Communication Service Provider, has announced a new strategic partnership with Las Vegas marketing agency SK+G.

For more than a decade, SK+G has provided strategic branding to leading companies on both the domestic and international stage.

mobileStorm will now deliver to SK+G’s gaming and hospitality clients a number of cutting-edge mobile marketing solutions, including strategy, compliance direction, Location-based SMS campaigns and email marketing services.

“mobileStorm’s turnkey and automated platform for mobile marketing solutions has provided a great partnership for our clients, not only offering seamless hi-tech products and services to easily push and promote our clients’ brand messaging, but have provided proven success in increasing customer acquisition, loyalty and retention,” says Jennifer Shelledy, Director of Interactive Media at SK+G.

“The management team is stellar, always at hand to assist and proactively keeping our initiatives on target and on-time, providing strategic paths to success and expert compliance, which is imperative to our gaming and hospitality clients. We look forward to continued success with our mobileStorm partnership,” Shelledy adds.

Not wasting a moment in capitalizing on the new partnership, Maryland Live! Casino recently renewed a one-year contract with mobileStorm to further advance its mobile marketing efforts.

“Maryland Live! Casino has worked closely with mobileStorm to successfully launch the SMS program for our casino promotions and entertainment venue. They provide professional service in a timely manner, as well as great suggestions for any challenges we might encounter and ideas we want to incorporate,” said Nikolina Felton, Director of Loyalty Marketing and Sales for Maryland Live! Casino.