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Top Marketing BlogsI am an occasional reader of hundreds of marketing and business blogs so I decided to make my own list of the best blogs writing particularly about marketing that is digital. No more words, let’s get down to the list:

Of course, first I have to get our own The Digital Marketing Blog by mobileStorm. While I’m admittedly a bit biased, I do believe we have a great resource for digital marketers, covering everything from email to RSS, SMS to SEO. With our blog seasoned marketers have a place to sharpen their skills, and novices can become a part of the Digital Marketing revolution.

OK, with that out of the way, here are my top 10 marketing blogs:

  • Three Minds On Digital Marketing by Organic: This blog is about marketing strategy, consumer trends, and the customer experience, viewed through the lens of digital innovation. They want to engage in a dialogue about the design of exceptional experiences.
  • Crossing Digital Marketing Blog by iCrossing: They cover stuff from acquisition strategy and customer insight, to global marketing and online visibility, Check them out and find out the latest industry buzz.
  • Email, Search Engine, and Digital Marketing Blog by Acxiom Digital: The blog covers email, SEO and digital marketing in general.
  • Insights from the Internet Obsessed – This blog has resources for Internet marketing strategies, Web 2.0, digital marketing, search engine news, and social networking.
  • Online & Digital Marketing by Altogether: They cover search marketing, affiliate marketing, web design & development, online advertising, viral marketing and brand consultancy.
  • Marketing, Media & Trends by Greg Verdino: This author writes about marketing and ”media in the Age of the Empowered Consumer.”
  • Digital Marketing Analysis by Slicecast. They cover different ways companies are implementing digital marketing.
  • One Degree – This is a great resource for Canadian marketers, covering the inside scoop on digital marketing and social media in Canada.
  • ChasNote – A blog on metrics, successes & flaming disasters in digital marketing.
  • Adventures In Digital Marketing – Thoughts about digital and online by Howard Scott and Jonathan Mulvihill.

Please keep in mind that this is a subjective list. I filtered out these nice blogs by the number of interesting posts I read and their general credibility, usefulness and frequency of new content. All of them are great to read if you are into digital marketing so I welcome you to visit these blogs on a regular basis.

P.S.: I used the word: digital to avoid excessive keyword use.

Shavkat Karimov
Director, Online Marketing
mobileStorm, Inc.
Every problem comes with a solution


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  1. Hi, David here from 3P Interactive. This is a great collection of digital marketing resources. We are working hard to compile the content for our blog as well at Being a digital marketing agency we will also provide free useful content for individuals to read up on.

  2. Shavkat,

    Good list of Digital Marketing blogs. Please check out my blog which has a focus on China but explores what is happening in terms of search & social marketing, the latest in agency news and information about the Chinese Internet companies. You can find the blog, "Digital Marketing Inner Circle" at:

    Chat soon

  3. Digital Marketing So says:

    Thanks Shavkat , with the exception of the intro, all commentary was from Digital marketing analysts. I appreciate the roundup of links on your site. Predictions are plenty this time of year.
    visit my blog: <a href="” target=”_blank”>

  4. Thanks a lot for providing a list of the top ten marketing blogs, was in search of a list like such, hoping this turns out to be useful….

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