A great way to boost sales lies in your own backyard! You have likely spent time and energy building a database of customer information, but if you don\’t have a cross selling strategy, you may not getting maximum results. If you lack resources, implementing a cross selling strategy may seem difficult, but keeping it simple can still go a long way when it comes to increasing revenue. Putting together a simple email or SMS cross selling campaign will deliver at little cost.

Some key reasons why your existing customers are great targets:

Quick revenue source: Because your existing clients have already purchased your products or used your services, there is no need to go through the \”getting to know you\” phase. Your brand is already familiar to them, so introducing them to other useful services will be considered helpful, and won\’t get drowned out by other offers.

Loyalty building program: It\’s easy to get caught up trying to rope in new prospects. Because of this, loyalty initiatives and CRM campaigns can get little attention and may slip through the cracks. Cross selling can help maintain the flow of information/communication between you and your customers while putting money in your pocket.

Less energy than finding new business relationships: When many of us start marketing initiatives, we focus on the information collection. Unfortunately, most of the time we never leverage this information. When designing a campaign much of your work is already done for you, in the form of this data that\’s already collected. It\’s time to use it!

Important things keep in mind:

– Creating a relevant offer to your customer\’s interests can mean the difference between 50 percent and 1 percent response rates. If you are providing event planning services, send your customers tips for planning holiday parties. If you are a DJ, offer birthday specials.
– Connect to past purchase behavior: One product purchase can often lead to another. One of the most famous examples is McDonald\’s catch-all, \”Do you want fries with that?\”
– Divide and conquer: Tackle one target at a time. Don\’t get overwhelmed by trying to launch a one-size-fits-all campaign that will get low response and discourage your efforts.
– Stay customer-focused. This kind of initiative requires one main thing for success – your dedication to your customers\’ needs.

Shaneli Ramratan, Marketing Manager, mobileStorm