Auto Emails Deliver-10 Commandments of Email DeliveryFor those of you who tuned in for the NFL games this weekend, you may have noticed the “I’m a PC” commercials from Microsoft. I could state the obvious here regarding the attempted brand play, but come on–Microsoft is one of the top  three brands globally, and I found another compelling feature of these TV ads. Along with clips from the likes of Eva Longoria and Bill Gates himself, we got a couple of shots of some regular old Microsoft employees and their email addresses.

I had a chance to procure a few of these addresses, and, and took the liberty to email them. (I know what you’re thinking, but these emails weren’t hacked!) I received two quirky email auto-responders. Though I’m not yet sure how the content impacted my perception of Microsoft, it was still an interesting multi-channel approach, using prime time television paired with good old email marketing. Not to mention these emails were successfully delivered to me in record time–after all, is a domain that will probably never be blocked from our Inboxes.

Speaking of the Inbox, unlike in the case of Microsoft, for other legitimate senders out there, email delivery is not always a guarantee. If you want to increase your email delivery success, check out the new whitepaper, 10 Commandments of Email Delivery. This whitepaper will provide you all the basics to understanding email delivery and break down how to get your marketing messages delivered. Download it here.