In the last quarter of 2006, mobileStorm joined the 2 leading email deliverability related organizations (MAAWG and the ESPC). Here is a brief description of them and links to their sites:

MAAWG (Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group) – “The Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group is a global organization focusing on preserving electronic messaging from online exploits and abuse with the goal of enhancing user trust and confidence, while ensuring the deliverability of legitimate messages. With a broad base of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and network operators representing over 600 million mailboxes, key technology providers and senders, MAAWG works to address messaging abuse by focusing on technology, industry collaboration and public policy initiatives.” [1]

ESPC (Email Sender and Provider Coalition) – “The Email Sender and Provider Coalition (ESPC) was formed to fight spam while protecting the delivery of legitimate email. The ESPC members have recognized the need for strong spam solutions that ensure the delivery of legitimate email and have been very active in the war against spam.” [2]

Being an active participant in these organizations is critical to our customer’s success and we look forward to working together with all participants in these organizations to assist in preserving email as a communication channel.