All evidence seems to reveal that mobile marketing is rapidly outgrowing the mobile phone market itself.

By casting an ever wider net over all mobile devices, the future of mobile marketing is poised to expand faster and more universally than many mobile marketers may likely be prepared for.

The obvious potential of the industry and the very real results for those skillfully harnessing its power have created a modern reality in which the staggering number of mobile marketing campaigns in existence is rivaled only by the number of mobile marketing agencies and service providers beginning to promote and offer mobile marketing   solutions.

The top-tier mobile marketing companies, however, are now looking beyond the narrow boundaries of only the mobile phone sector. Advertising Age recently acknowledged this striking reality in a series of articles illustrating the many ways in which mobile marketing can now reach a much larger audience than just handset users.

From portable entertainment and multimedia players like the iPod Touch and PSP, to online reading devices like Amazon’s Kindle, there have never been more products, services, and applications for mobile marketers to tap into. So despite the widespread misperception that the best or only way to engage consumers in a mobile marketing campaign is to captivate them through their iPhone, think again. Research, in fact, now reveals that iPod touch users actually download better than 80% more mobile internet apps than their iPhone-owning counterparts do.

With businesses both large and small looking at cost, efficiency, and measurability as cornerstones of mobile marketing, it’s no wonder that the industry is rapidly trickling into new outlets that could ultimately prove more valuable to many advertisers than exclusively targeting just mobile phone customers.

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