mobileStorm-owned blog, mHealthWatch — a daily resource for news and insight into the rapidly growing and evolving world world of mHealth and digital medicine — isn’t just reporting the headlines this week. It’s also making them.

Healthcare IT Leaders, an award-winning consulting firm in the healthcare IT space, has just announced its selections for the Best Healthcare IT Blogs of 2014.

Per the details shared in the firm’s formal announcement, the winning blogs “were chosen for their timely content, insightful writing and subject matter expertise on topics important to the HIT industry.”

The team at mHealthWatch was notified Monday that the site was among the top blogs recognized.

“It’s exciting to see the healthcare IT industry unfold from so many perspectives,” said Alex Gramling, Chief Marketing Officer for Healthcare IT Leaders. “The blogging of CIOs, physicians, consultants, tech journalists, industry experts and lawmakers, whether they’re behind the scenes or right there in the action, helps inform, educate and entertain all of us.”

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