In my previous post I talked about some of the most important link building rules. Today\’s post will continue exploring the subject, and will outline more rules you need to follow in order to successfully gain external links for your pages.

Make sure to check out the robots.txt file of the site you are about to get a link from. The page that will be linking to yours shouldn\’t be excluded in the robots.txt file.

Try to get links from sites located at different Class-C IP addresses. This is important when you are having a massive link building campaign.

It makes sense to pay for links when the link is indeed worthy. Even when monthly fees are involved, don\’t avoid this opportunity. Look at the page\’s pagerank and again, make sure the page is relevant to yours.

Get links from authoritative websites that are actively supported. These should have nothing under construction. Also make sure these sites don\’t seem not to have been updated for a long time.

Keep in mind that the links you are gaining are coming from sites using the same language as yours. If your site is in English only, get the links from English-language sites.

Try to avoid links that would be labeled as \”sponsored\” or as ads. Also, don\’t get links from pages that already have more than 50 external links. In many cases it would be just useless.

Avoid sites/pages with scraped content, link schemes, too many contextual ads, popups, and intrusive advertising. Also avoid link farms, web-rings, link-exchange programs, poor and weak directories, FFA (free-for-all) sites, guestbooks, classifieds, hacker, pharmacy, gambling, illegal, offensive, or pornographic websites.

Make sure you are not just getting the same links everywhere. Always use different keyword combinations in the link anchor text. Be creative and at the same time make it all \”natural.\”

The pages you are getting links from should already be indexed by the major search engines, otherwise your link won’t be picked up at all. Type in the page\’s URL into the search field of a search engine to see if it\’s indexed.

And finally, keep everything under control, especially when you work with a team . Track all submissions and note the links becoming active. Correct the newly appeared links if needed. Follow up when necessary.

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